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porousher - texture [63_048]


porousher is a project from from the well known hungary artist nicron. he is very active in the field of experimental and conceptional music, interactive and open sound systems and sound processing design. on the porousher website you can interact or download some of his special and very sexy audiovisual systems.
nicron is also active in performing live and participant of the ultrasound festival in budapest.

this release 'texture' is an exerpt of an 25+ minutes recording with a special designed software. it is a great example of nicrons sound design skills. and besides one of the purest soundscapes i ever heard!

the cover design was experienced and created by mulitmediadesigner sc3-12 from vienna. this is the wonderful first work for 2063. check his website for more enlightment.


Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - - February 7, 2014
Subject: Texture by Porousher
This is a highly processed Ambient audio track. I can almost picture the sound waves of it falling apart as I listen to it, but it holds together enough so as not to sound like a total waste of time. I give this track four stars.